The Supplies Catalogue !

Unfortunately, due to the prohibitive cost of shipping, and the special-sized boxes required, we do NOT ship commercial grower bulk supplies. We will however ship other supplies along with your plant order. Do bear in mind that the minimum order of $75 will still apply.

Item Price Size & Description
Sphagnum Moss $ 12.00 150g size. High-grade Chilean, blond and long-fibred.
Coconut Husk $ 12.00 Compressed Brick size : 8.1"L x 4.3"W x 2.3"H, weight 1.5 lbs. (approx) - Medium grade
A good substitute for peat or sphagnum moss, this product has a longer lifetime. Soak in warm water overnight. Drain off excess moisture, and fluff up before using. Expands to nearly 8x original volume.
For sensitive roots, soak/rinse several times for best results.
Cloud's Small Bark Mix $ 15.00 6L size. Our own blend of small bark, #2 perlite, charcoal & coconut fibre.
Cloud's Medium Bark Mix $ 15.00 6L size. Our own blend of medium bark, #3 and #4 perlite, charcoal & coconut chunks.
Miscellaneous Goods
Daisy Clips $ 1.00 per bundle green plastic, bundle of 5
Plant Tags $ 1.00 per bundle White plastic, 1" wide, flexible and durable, bundle of 10
Decorative Clips $ 1.00 per bundle Pink Butterfly, plastic, bundle of 4
Orchid Fertilizer $ 10.00 each 250ml clear plastic container. This is the balanced formula that we use ourselves ! 15-5-15 (-5Ca-2Mg plus micro-nutrients).
Store in a cool, dry place to avoid the fertilizer liquifying. A refrigerator works quite well.
Cloud's Paph Primer $ 10.00 each 450ml clear plastic container. Contains dolomitic lime (3 grades), sand (2 grades), ground perlite, diatomite, and fine horticultural charcoal. Good for any lime-loving plants. You'll notice the difference !
Regular Plastic Pots $ 1.00 per bundle Ranging from 2.5" square to 7.0" round, bundled by cost
Clear Plastic Pots $ 1.00 Currently available in 2.25" (Bundle of 3), and individually (1 pot) in sizes 3.5", 4.5", and 6" round azalea-type.
Plastic Chinese Cymbidium Pots $ 7.50 per pot (large) Tall, black fluted pots, ideal for deep-rooting orchids, especially Chinese Cymbidiums.

Commercial Grower Bulk Sizes
(only these cannot be shipped)
Item Price Size & Description
Orchid Bark $ 40.00 2 cubic foot bags. This is the real thing, Rexius Orchid Bark, this is NOT Decorative or Landscape Bark. It has been baked to remove weed seeds and fungal spores. Pure 100% Douglas Fir. Available in medium or large grades.
#2 Horticultural Charcoal $ 50.00 40 lb. bags. Nicely graded and fairly clean horticultural charcoal. Made from hardwood. Used to keep your potting mix sweet, and suppress root rot.

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