Below are some of the topics that I have a bee in my bonnet about. Hopefully you will find some of these topics enlightening, and food for thought in improving your local society and/or orchid show. Click on the topic to connect to the page covering the details.

  • Why is your show attendance (or orchid society) shrinking ?
  • Membership sales tables
  • New Society Members

    Okay, now I've finished with my ranting and will now gladly step down off the soap-box. Hopefully some of the points I've raised will spark some ideas for improvements within your society so we can get back to growing membership numbers and sharing this wonderful hobby with more and more people every year !

    Please remember that the opinions, deductions and experiences reflected here are mine (Claudio). They are an amalgamation of information from many different societies, shows, etc. both in the U.S. and Canada. As a reader, you have the choice to make up your own mind from the events and conversations mentioned. I appreciate all the positive feedback I've received on these topics from readers across North America. I actually expected to receive more controversial reactions, so I guess the points listed must have struck a nerve with many of the readers. In a perfect world, I would hope for more collaboration across orchid societies to help address and share common concerns and issues, but unfortunately that does not currently seem to be the case. Hence, it is up to the individuals to look for ways to improve their own societies for the benefit of all !

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