What to do when your order arrives !

  1. If you are unhappy with anything, you must contact us IMMEDIATELY upon unpacking your shipment.
  2. Opening the box :
    Slice the tape holding the shipping label carefully, so you don't accidentally damage the plants or other contents.
  3. Inside the box you will find your invoice, wrapped plants and packing materials.
  4. Unpack the box :
    Carefully remove the wrapped plants and invoice. Please recycle the packing materials.
  5. Remove the wrapping from the plants by cutting the masking tape holding the wrapping in place. If there are bloom spikes or new growths beginning, we typically make every effort to protect them during transit.
  6. Plants potted in sphagnum moss have no additional wrapping, since the sphagnum moss will not move during transit.
  7. For plants not potted in sphagnum moss, we "collar" the plants to prevent the loose mix from shifting and potentially damaging the roots. The collar consists of folded magazine pages and masking tape. Remove the collar carefully and discard, since it's purpose has been served.
  8. We thoroughly water ALL shipped plants 3 days prior to packing. This allows time for them to dry before they are packed, since even small amounts of excess moisture can cause rot or other problems when they are sealed inside a box.
  9. Now thoroughly water the plants, using the same amount of water for each plant as the volume of the pot itself.
  10. After they are allowed to drain, put the plants where you intend them to grow. If you are unsure about the spot you've chosen, then please refer to the plant requirements from the pull-down list on our main culture page.
  11. Do not panic if you do not see new growth or bloom spikes right away, since the plants need time to transition and adjust to your growing conditions.
  12. Do NOT transplant any plants immediately upon receipt as the undue stress on the plant can cause it to suffer unnecessarily. If you plan on transplanting, then wait at least 3 weeks, or preferably up to 3 months and refer to the repotting guidelines listed under the culture section of our web site.
  13. If you encounter any issues or concerns, please take advantage of the information that has been conveniently provided on the main culture page, or under the Orchid Doctor. These resources will likely give you an immediate answer, rather than waiting for us to respond to an e-mail.

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