Welcome to the On-Line Orchid Doctor !

This page is intended to assist you in diagnosing orchid problems you are experiencing. Click on the appropriate description to navigate your way through the diagnosis. As more pictures are sent to us, they will be included under each suitable area to further assist in the diagnosis.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive diagnosis tool, as there can be other unusual causes for problems in rare cases. However, the intent here is to cover off the majority of common issues that new orchid growers may encounter. If you don't find an applicable cause/solution to your problem, then try using different ways of navigating through the information provided here to arrive at a solution. Keep in mind that your plant may have more than one problem, since primary problems often lead to secondary symptoms.

Always remember that starting with a healthy, acclimated and well-established plant is the first step to success. Try to avoid plants that have obvious problems, and you will have much less grief in the long-run.

Symptom Link Description
Physical problems - grouped by plant part affected
Leaf problems Click Here Any sort of leaf problem.
Pseudobulb or Root problems Click Here Any sort of pseudobulb or root problem.
Bud or Flower problems Click Here Any sort of bud or flower problem.
Generic problems - grouped by type of problem
Pest problems Click Here My plant has pests, or I think it might.
Fungal problems Click Here Problems related to fungi or rot.
Viral problems Click Here Problems related to viruses.
Toxicity problems Click Here Symptoms lead me to believe the plant is being poisoned.
Other problems - not physical problems, these are other issues
My plant won't bloom Click Here My plant is healthy, but does not successfully bloom.
My plant blooms, but isn't as expected Click Here My plant produces flowers, but they don't look like I thought they would.

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