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We only provide culture information on plants which we grow, since that is where we have experience. The information on our culture pages is targeting temperate areas of North America, so you should take that into consideration if you live in a different climate. Also, the information provided here is how WE grow these genera. If you have a different system that is working for you, then there is absolutely NO good reason to change it !

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Hints & Tips for your Order Arrival  (from us)

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If you have additional questions about the culture of plants you have acquired from us, then please contact us. I must emphasize that we will provide culture information ONLY on plants that came from us, since we have been criticized and even threatened for correcting wrong information that came from other "growers". Thanks for your understanding in this matter. However we hate to leave anyone in the lurch, so please feel free to use the Orchid Doctor link above, since it may help in diagnosing and curing your problem.

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