Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums
(Paphs and Phrags)

Mottle-leaf paphs and Non-caudatum type phrags

Low to medium light suits this group best. They like intermediate temperatures year-round. They like to be kept evenly moist at all times, but not sopping wet. During the warmer months, this means watering twice a week, but only once a week during cooler periods. Fertilize only during active growth.
Phrags in this group can be sat in a shallow basin of water, provided it is rainwater or distilled. Be sure to replace this water every two months or so, to avoid mineral build-ups.

Strap-leaf paphs and Chinese paphs (parvisepalums)

As seedlings, treat as for the mottle-leaf types. As adults, give good to strong light, and provide a distinct, drier, cooler rest in the fall to encourage blooming.

Caudatum type phrags

These like cooler and somewhat drier conditions than the other phrags. Definitely never stand these in water ! Avoid misting as water that collects in the crowns encourages crown-rot.

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