Masdevallias, Draculas and Pleurothallis

Culture :
Low to medium light. Intermediate or cool temperatures, depending on variety. Keep evenly moist throughout the year. When temperatures drop, reduce watering. Never let these dry out, as they seldom recover quickly since their roots are very fine.

Most of this group will often bloom 3 or more times per year. A few of these species are quite fragrant. Never fertilize this group heavily as they are sensitive to salt content in their water and potting medium. Try to use only rainwater or distilled water to achieve best results, and fertilize with a very dilute solution.

Twig epiphytes

Introduction :
These include genera like Ornithocephalus, Trichocentrums, Leptotes, and certain miniature species like Onc. variegatum and Psygmorchis pusilla. Most have very fine roots for clasping firmly onto twigs. Best grown on tree-fern or cork mounts, with very little sphagnum padding.

Watering and Humidity : Never let these dry out completely, as their leaves will start to shrivel quickly. They can be misted daily, or dunked every other day in warm weather. Do not fertilize heavily, as they want very little salt content in their water.

Light : Most prefer moderate to low light, which typically provides more of the humidity that they crave. These do well under fluorescents, or under the leaves of larger plants.

When in doubt about growing conditions, research the native habitat of the plant in question for more information.

Note: This page is currently under construction. Other groups will be added as they are completed.

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