Dendrobiums are a very rewarding and easy group of orchids to grow. Many of them have flowers which last several months, and many are also sweetly fragrant !

Antelope, Phalaenopsis, and New Guinea types (evergreen)
Culture: Can be grown intermediate to warm most of the year. Do not give a severe rest period. Water and fertilize when actively growing. Reduce water and stop fertilizing once growths mature. This is usually near the end of summer. If winter temperatures are cooler, then keep plants drier. Medium to good light is appreciated.

Nobile types (deciduous) and Australian types (hard evergreen)
Culture: Growth period is mainly summer. Provide warmth, water and fertilize heavily from when roots appear until new growth is mature. Then give high light, almost no water, no fertilizer and cool nights (8 to 10 ° C), starting mid to late September.

Nigrohirsute types (black-haired types)
Culture: Good light and intermediate temperatures year-round. Water and fertilize when actively growing. Give a short dry rest when growth is complete. Keep barely moist until new growth begins to show.

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