Communiqué from March 20, 2019 (received by those on our notification list)


This is an early notification that we will NOT be shipping any orders this year. This information was posted last month on the "How to Order" page of our web site. We have had significant property and facility damage this winter due to repeated high-wind events,ice-storms and flooding. Extensive repairs and maintenance will be ongoing throughout the warmer months. That work will occupy all of the time that would normally be devoted to the processing, and shipping of orders, as well as answering any shipping-related emails. Bearing this in mind, please do not send emails with shipping requests as we will not be addressing those notes.
We recognize that this may inconvenience many of our customers and thank you in advance for your understanding.
In addition, our March Nursery Sales Weekend is cancelled due to unexpected driveway repairs. Our facility will continue to be open for our monthly Nursery Sales Weekends beginning in April. We will be taking prepaid orders for pick-up at these events once our catalogue goes online on May 15.

Many thanks again, and best regards,
Claudio, Chief Grower
Warren, Operations Manager

Please note :

A possible alternative is to have friends pick up and ship your orders to you. However, please keep in mind that those plants will need to be prepared for shipping by your friends. The primary goal is to free up our time, hence asking us to do any preparations defeats that purpose.
Again, thanks for your understanding, as we did not arrive at this decision lightly !