Self-Serve Gift Certificates

For your convenience, we now offer a Self-Serve option ! Just follow the steps listed below to take advantage of this option :

STEP 1 :
First choose the size of the gift certificate you want to use from the following :

Small size
Medium size
Large size

The image will be opened in a new window. This will make it easier for you to print it, once you have matched the size to your envelope.

STEP 2 :
Here is a quick-guide to illustrate the layout of a completed gift certificate :

STEP 3 :
The first 3 entries are obvious. For the remaining 2 fields you will get that information once you have paid. For example, say your name is John Doe and you wish to purchase a $100 gift certificate for your wife, whose name is Jane Doe-Smith.
You would now go to the secure order-form, complete all your personal information including payment info. Now at the bottom of the catalog section, you will find an item called "I want to buy a Gift Certificate". If you click on the item pull-down menu, you will see the following choices :

Now click on the $100 choice, and you will see :

Finally add a comment to the "Special Instructions" box with the gift recipient's first name:

Now submit your order for processing.

STEP 4 :
Once your order is processed, you will receive an e-mail from us with the following information :
Gift certificate for Jane, amount $100 has number 1312003 with expiry Dec/14

STEP 5 :
You now have all the information needed to complete the gift certificate, giving you :

Congratulations, you're all done now ... many thanks, and felicitations !

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