Shows, Key Dates and Presentations

These are the events we are currently scheduled to attend in 2019 :

For shows, ALL orders must be paid for in advance. You can find us in the sales area for the whole weekend. When I am a speaker, I bring prepaid advance orders, and may also bring plants for sale.

* For shows in the U.S., all prepaid advance orders will be charged in Canadian funds. For plants sold at those shows, those same prices will be in U.S. dollars. Please order at least 4 days in advance to allow for completion of paperwork.

My name is Claudio Rossi. I am an Accredited Senior AOS Judge, experienced grower and speaker, and have given talks to a wide variety of Orchid Clubs and Societies. My talks are 45 to 50 minutes in duration, and include numerous slides. Questions are encouraged at the end of each presentation. All presentations are digital, so you are expected to provide a digital projector.

Apologies, but due to health issues, I am currently only giving talks within a 4-hour driving radius of home (St. Catharines).

The fee for each talk is based on a combination of audience size and distance to talk location.
For instance, for local societies (within a 100 km. radius of St. Catharines, ON) :

  • (i) $150 for groups under 20
  • (ii) $200 for groups over 20, but under 200
  • (iii) $250 for groups over 200, but under 1000
  • (iv) $300 for groups over 1000
    For groups that are further away, travel/accomodation expenses may apply in addition to the speaker's fee. Rates are in U.S. dollars for U.S. events.

    Topics which are currently available for presentation to your societies are :

    Introduction to Orchids and Windowsill Growing
    This is an excellent talk for novice growers. Aspects of the Orchid family are covered in detail, to give a solid foundation of their needs. Four recommended groups of orchids are presented with numerous photo-slides. Highly recommended for Horticultural Societies, or Orchid Societies with a high percentage of people new to the World of Orchids.

    New Trends in Paph Breeding
    This extensive talk covers all of the major directions currently in the breeding programs for this diverse group. The viewer is guided through the species and how they are being used to produce outstanding new hybrids. Many details of culture are also covered throughout this program.

    Brassavola nodosa and it's hybrids
    One of the most famous species in the Cattleya Alliance. This presentation covers first generation breeding with the lovely "Lady of the Night" orchid. Interactions with different genera within the Cattleya Alliance are highlighted.

    Brassolaelia Richard Mueller and it's hybrids
    One of the most widely used hybrids used in breeding. This presentation covers first generation breeding with this popular orchid parent. This presentation is a great follow-on talk to the B. nodosa talk above.

    An introduction and overview of Mini-Catts
    One of the current areas of major focus in Cattleya breeding. Key species and genera are highlighted to illustrate the foundation that leads to beautiful and floriferous hybrids.

    An Introduction to Dendrobiums
    Get an overview of this diverse group of orchids. See just how easy they are to grow under lights and on the average windowsill in the home. Their beautiful flowers, and undemanding requirements make them very desirable orchids for the average orchid grower.

    An Introduction to Coelogynes
    An overview of this unusual and showy genus, covering common culture needs of the various subgroups, highlighting a few species from each.

    Easy Oddballs
    Some of the strange members of the orchid family that are very easy to grow in the average home. These are the weirdos that will intrigue and make great conversation topics for your visitors.

    If you are interested in having us do a presentation to your orchid society, please send us an e-mail using the contact form on our web-site.

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